Arabella Kiszely

Arabella is a largely self-taught Cotswold based artist. She specialises in semi abstract landscapes inspired by her local countryside and the coastline of the British Isles and Ireland.

Her paintings are characterised by a confident, contemporary style, full of colour and form.  Her work has many influences including Henri Matisse, Peter Lanyon and the Scottish colourists.  More recently Lewis Noble and Paul Wadsworth workshops have provided huge breakthroughs in freeing her practice.

Arabella’s technique is integral to her evocative style.  She explains “When painting I mix natural blues and greys with highly saturated oranges and earth colours.  Aiming to create an ambiguity between abstraction and reality .”

The result is a semi-abstract painting where you can feel, as well as see, the force of nature.

Arabella works in her studio next to the gallery at Little Buckland.