Day Bowman

Growing up in a holiday destination. It is not surprising that much of Day’s work has referenced the sea, the beach and coastline. In this new series of paintings the canvasses echo the marks, lines and shapes that were made in the wet, grey sand: Thus the canvas becomes the beach that acted as the canvas of her childhood.

Moving freely from one work to another there is a sense of play and random mark making. Through her use of colour, scribbled lines and drip marks she says. “I have attempted to capture the tides and the occasional gleam of sunshine.”

Along with scratched childhood messages to the Gods. Her childhood castles in the sand were built to keep out the marauding tidal waters. Today she believes these images represent something more sinister referencing an incoming tide of bigotry and intolerance.  Whilst these are not overtly political works she finds within them a questioning on the notion of place, identity and belonging.