Philippa Anderson

Philippa’s work is essentially a reflection of the human condition.  Centering on emotional experiences associated with the passage of time, ruination and declining industry.

Her work is driven by processes and materials. Central to this is intuitive mark making.  Enhanced by the action of applying paint directly to the canvas using her hands as a tool. Working on paper and canvas, layering applications of ink and gesso and acrylic paint.  She creates a palimpsest of fading marks and imagery alluding to dilapidated architecture.

In a recent interview she recalls: “Growing up in the North East of England in the 1970s economic decline pervaded daily life. Images of abandoned factories and declining industry surrounded me, seeping into to my subconscious. The use of psychic automatism whilst painting allows me to draw on internalised imagery and inherited memory. Producing work without visual references.”